ATR #26: GeekGirlCon 2016!

This is a jam packed episode full of all things geeky as your host; That Guy Named John covers Geekgirl Con 2016 in Seattle, Washington!
He is joined by Tim Hall, Kristine Haswell, Evan J. Peterson, and Dr. Raychelle Burks on this magical mystery ride!

Time code breakdown for this episode:
0m:00s – 1m:31s: Live intro from GeekGirlCon at the Washington Conference Center
1m:31s – 33m:46s: Interview with Kristine Hassell; Deputy Director of GeekGirlCon
33m:46s – 54m:53s: Interview with Evan J. Peterson; panelist, author, poet, editor, model, actress
54m:53s – 1h:09m:40s: Interview with Dr. Raychelle Burks; chemist, moderator, developer of the DIY Science Zone. (I mistakenly refer to the classic TI-83 calculator as the “T1-83” …. twice …)
1h:09m:40s – 1h:51m:43s: Post show wrap up with Tim Hall, aka: The People’s Critic

GeekGirlCon 2016 was an amazing experience and I owe a huge thanks to Kristine Haswell, and Kait Heacock at GeekGirlCon HQ for giving me the opportunity to interview these incredible contributors!
As well as a huge thank you  to all of the guests who made time for me this weekend!

Twitter links for the guests on this episode:
1. Geekgirl Con HQ: @Geekgirlcon
2. Kristine Hassell, Deputy Director of GeekGirlCon: @Germancitygirl
3. Evan J. Peterson, panelist, author, poet, editor, model, actress: @EvanJPeterson
4. Dr. Raychelle Burks, chemist, moderator, developer of the DIY Science Zone: @DrRubidium
6. My partner in crime for this adventure was the amazing Tim Hall: @peoplescrtic

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