ATR #25: The beats and bars of Luke Cage w/ Tim Hall

Listen into this soliloquy of chaos as your host; That Guy Named John is joined by Tim Hall as they break down Netflix’s latest foray into the world of Marvel with the recently released “Luke Cage”! They go over a brief history of the character, then dive right into the show and what the greater implications are for what this character represents.

Time codes:
0m:00s – 12m:43s: Introduction and first thoughts on the music and tone of the show
12m:43s – 22m:40s: Luke Cage backstory in the comics and the black experience
22m:40s – 1h:42m: The beat, bars/ lyrics, hook, and tone/ style of the show
1h:42m – 1h:49m: Final thoughts and what we want to see next
1h:49m – 21m:30s: Official rating and wrap up

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A special thanks to your friendly neighborhood Tim Hall, AKA: People’s Critic, who can be found by checking out his Twitter: @peoplescrtic, Instagram @peoplescritic,  or his website: The Peoples Critic blog!

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