ATR #24: Stranger Things with Ryan Berkley

So after getting yelled at by the internet for  not seeing “Stranger Things” on Netflix, we finally caved to geek pressure and binged all of it. Was it worth it? Find out on this episode which features special guest Ryan Berkley!

That Guy Named John is joined on this episode by Ryan Berkley who is a good friend and also one half of the dynamic duo of “Berkley Illustration”. The Berkley’s are known for their vintage art style that blends anthropomorphic animals and brilliant storytelling to create truly unique pieces of art. Ryan has been a comic book/ action figure/ pop culture/ and wrestling fanatic his whole life and his knowledge of those worlds is incredible.

Time code breakdown for this episode:
0m:00s – 12m:55s: Introduction of Ryan Berkley and Berkley Illustration
12m:55s – 24m:30s: Ryan breaks down his geek bonafides and journey through pop culture
24m:30s – 1h:7m: Stranger Things breakdown
1h:7m: – 1h:11m: Rating the show: Good, Bad, or Ugly
1h:11m: – 1h:15m Ryan’s upcoming shows and appearances, and final thoughts

Thank you again to Ryan Berkley for taking time out of his incredibly busy life to be on the show!
Check out Ryan and Lucy’s tremendous work out social media:
1. Berkley Illustration on Twitter: @Berkleys2. Berkley Illustration on Instagram: @theberkleys
3. Ryan’s crazy pop culture side on Instagram: @party_guy_ray

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