ATR #15: Comedic … timing

Hey remember that time that you saw that funny movie at just the right time in your life? Well so do we! On this episode, host; That Guy Named John (who forgot to introduce himself on the episode) is joined by his friend, and former Seattle Pop Culture trivia teammate; Lynne Barre as they discuss some of their favorite timely comedies.

0:00 – 1m:20s: Intro
1m:20s – 5m:20s: Lynne – Airplane
5m:20s – 9m:40s: John – Three Amigos
9m:40s – 15m:38s: Lynne – Sixteen Candles
15m:38s – 23m:10s: John – Robin Hood: Men in Tights
23m:10s – 32m:55s: Lynne – Clerks
32m:55s – 37m:50s: John –  Half Baked
37m:50s – 40m:00: Honorable mentions (Mallrats, Friday, Dodgeball: A true underdog story, Supertroopers)
40m:00 – 43m:30s: Wrap up

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