ATR #14: Cry Babies

Grab the Kleenex and get ready for a an emotional roller coaster! Host; That Guy Named John and guest Andy get in touch with their sensitive sides and talk about the movies that have made, or continue to make them cry.

0:00 – 5m:00s : Intro
5m:00s – 7m:15s : Sports movies
7m:15s – 22m:05s : Relationship movies
22m:05s – 32m:50s : War movies
32m:50s – 45m:35s : Oppression/ Inspirational movies
45m:35s – 57m:15s : Animal movies
57m:15s – 59m:25s : Wrap up

John’s top picks: Grave of the Fireflies, Pursuit of Happiness, Remember the Titans
Andy’s top picks: Gallipoli, Uprising, Land and Freedom

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