ATR #146 – 2019 Vancouver Short Film Festival Recap

I was fortunate to be asked to cover the 9th annual Vancouver Short Film Festival for the 3rd year in a row, and it was incredible as always! On this episode I break down my favorites from each program before crowing my best of the festival!

Thank you so much to this episode’s sponsor: Little Zee Productions!
Little Zee Productions is a Vancouver (BC) based production company specializing in short form digital content. They are film lovers that love making films and aim to tell stories that are authentic, funny, and honest.

To see a full list of the films I talked about on this episode, check out the Vancouver Short Film Festival website: 

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Timecode breakdown:

  • 0m:00s – 2m:20s: Intro to the show and sponsor spotlight: Little Zee ProductionsInstagram: @LittleZeeProductions
  • 2m:20s – 3m:40s: Information about the Vancouver Short Film Festival
  • 3m:40s – 8m:40s: Best of program #1: “OI” by N’Cee Van Heerden and Victoria Burkhart: Facebook: @OIshortfilm
  • 8m:40s – 12m:00s: Best of After Dark screening: “The Whistler” by Jennifer Nicole Stang: Facebook: @WhistlerMovie
    • Honorable mention: “Sense Memory” by Julie Bruns
  • 12m:00s – 16m:20s: Best of program #2: “Shuttlecock” by Melanie Jones: Facebook: @ShuttleCockFilm
  • 16m:20s – 20m:15s: Best of program #3: “Gong Ju” by Jerome Yoo: Facebook: @GongJuFilm
  • 20m:15s – 26m:00s: Best of program #4: “The Day Don Died” by Steve J. Adams & Sean Horlor: Facebook: @TheDayDonDied
  • 26m:00s – 27m:30s: Best of the festival: “OI” by N’Cee Van Heerden!
  • 27m:30s – 31m:00s: Wrap up.
    Thank you again to Little Zee Productions, and the entire staff and volunteers from VSFF: 
    Marena, Zlatina, Kristin, Nicolas, Emily, Avi, Frances, and to the filmmakers who made time to speak with me. 
  • 31m:00s – 32m:40s: Social media and upcoming projects:
    1. Review for “Miss Bala”
    2. Review for “Alita: Battle Angel”
    3. Review for “LEGO movie: The Second Part”


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