ATR #84 – #NoShameNovember/ Captain Collaboration

The annual tradition of #NoShameNovember is upon us once again! The time of the year when we admit our guilty pleasures in a “safe space”. This year I was joined by some of my best friends, Tim Hall, Damien Randle, and Jess O’Brien.

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 4m:08s: Introduction of the show and guest

4m:08s – 10m:15s: Catching up with The Curly Nerd podcast and Tim Hall

10m:15s – 17m:30s: Jess’s TV choice for #NoShameNovember involves trashy TV shows involving doctors and rappers

17m:30s – 26m:20s: Damien’s TV choice for #NoShameNovember involves ALL of the wrestling shows

26m:20s – 32m:50s: Tim’s TV choice for #NoShameNovember involves murder. Lots of murder

32m:50s – 38m:50s: My TV choice for #NoShameNovember is an FBI show on NBC that breaks it’s own rules every episode

38m:50s – 44m:00s: Jess’s movie choice for #NoShameNovember is a sequel to a terrible, and yet “excellent” 90’s film

44m:00s – 49m:35s: Damien’s movie choice for #NoShameNovember is a franchise starring a model fighting zombies, that has made over 1 BILLION dollars!

49m:35s – 53m:55s: Tim’s movie choice for #NoShameNovember are two movies that none of had either heard of “The Puppet Masters” and “The Darkest Hour”

53m:55s – 1h:01m: My movie choice for #NoShameNovember is the first comic book movie to star an African American on a quest back from hell

1h:01m – 1h:07m: Jess’s music choice for #NoShameNovember has to do with the soulful sounds of the 70’s, AKA: Michael McDonald

1h:07m – 1h:16m: Damien’s next choice was another franchise of sorts, featuring a man-child by the name of Pee-Wee Herman

1h:16m – 1h:22m: Tim’s music choice for #NoShameNovember is a surprise album by an island woman

1h:22m – 1h:28m: My music choice for #NoShameNovember is without a doubt the choice that received the most hate from everyone, but I love the song about a web-swinging hero …

1h:28m – 1h:32m: Jess’s honorable mentions for #NoShameNovember include “Red Dwarf” and “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”

1h:32m – 1h:38m: My last honorable mention is for “The Shanara Chronicles”

1h:38m – 1h:46m: Wrap up and upcoming projects

Thank you to my amazing guests for making the time to be on the show!

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