• ATR #169 – Doctor Sleep, Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Project

    This episodes special guest include me, myself, and I (AKA: another solo episode)! This is kind of a split episode in which it starts with a review of "Doctor Sleep" and then will go into my favorites from the 2019 48 Hour Horror Film Project!

  • ATR #168 – Harriet, JoJo Rabbit, Terminator Dark Fate, Parasite

    Another solo show in the books, and on this one I review three new films including “Harriet”, “JoJo Rabbit”, “Terminator Dark Fate”, and “Parasite”! Podcast support info: Thank you so […]

  • ATR #167 – The Lighthouse, Black and Blue, The Current War

    This week I had a very special guest in the studio, Adam Gehrke of the "Cinema Squabble" podcast (CinemaSquabble.com), who has spent over 2 decades in the radio and TV media world! Make sure to follow all of his work at AdamGehrke.com!

  • ATR #166 – Gemini Man, The Addams Family, Zombieland Double Tap, Dolemite is my Name

    This is a special solo show as I review four new films which are in theaters now, including "Gemini Man", "The Addams Family", "Zombieland Double Tap", and "Dolemite is my name"!   

  • ATR #165 – JOKER, Harpoon, First Love

    I was joined once again by Matt Oakes of "Silver Screen Riot" (SilverScreenRiot.com) for this week's episode and we reviewed "JOKER", "Harpoon", and "First Love". There are some hot takes in this one!

  • ATR #164 – Hustlers, In Fabric, Corporate Animals, AD ASTRA

    For this week's episode I am joined my Matt Oakes of "Silver Screen Riot" (SilverScreenRiot.com) and we review "Hustlers", "In Fabric", and "Corporate Animals"! Matt left the studio to avoid spoilers as I then reviewed "AD ASTRA". Enjoy!

  • ATR #163 – IT: Chapter Two, The Goldfinch, 2019 Renton City Comic Con

    On this week's episode I review two new films "IT: Chapter Two" and "The Goldfinch", plus I give a quick rundown of the 2019 Renton City Comic Con! Make sure to look out for an episode of "About To Interview" this week with guests from RenCon!

  • ATR #162 – Brittany Runs a Marathon, Don’t Let Go, Wu Assassins

    This week's episode is another solo show, and I review ""Brittany Runs a Marathon", "Don't Let Go", and the new Netflix show "Wu Assassins"!

  • ATI #29 – Paul Downs Colaizzo (Brittany Runs a Marathon)

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features an interview I conducted with Paul Downs Colaizzo, the writer and director of "Brittany Runs a Marathon"! 

  • ATR #161 – Angel Has Fallen, Blinded by the Light, Ready or Not, Good Boys, 48 Hour Film Project

    After a brief hiatus, I am back in the land of the living (and podcasting)! This week's episode is a solo show where I review "Angel has Fallen", "Blinded by the Light", and "Ready or Not", plus I talk about my favorite films from the recent Seattle 48 Hour Film Project!

  • ATR #160 – Mega movie lightning round w/ Mike Ward!

    For this week's mega movie lightning round I am joined my Mike Ward of "Should I See It" (ShouldISee.it) as we run rough shot through a dozen movie reviews, lightning round style! We (mostly) tried to stick with shorter reviews and I hope you enjoy!

  • ATR #159 – Super-mega-ultra-epic movie rundown w/ Tim Hall

    This week I am joined once again by Tim Hall "The People's Critic" (ThePeoplesCriticBlog.com) as we catch up on quite a few movies that I had not reviewed yet!

  • ATR #158 – Pokemon with NW NERD

    This week I am joined by my friends Dyer and Nick, the producers and hosts of the "NW NERD" podcast! We recorded this episode at their studio, so tune in and check out review for "Pokemon  Detective Pikachu"!

  • ATR #157 – The Intruder & Tolkien w/ Isabella Price

    On this week's episode I am joined via Skype once again by "The Oprah of the Underworld", Isabella Price! We discuss the films "The Intruder", and "Tolkien", plus a small SIFF preview.

  • ATR #156 – Avengers: Endgame & The Curse of La Llorna

    On this week’s episode I am joined by two of my best friends, Tim Hall and Jess O’Brien as we review “The Curse of La Llorna” and “Avengers: Endgame”! Podcast […]

  • ATR #155 – Hellboy, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

    On this week’s episode I welcome Nick Jarin from the “NW NERD” podcast (nw-nerd.com) as we go over some geek news and then review “Master Z: Ip Man Legacy” and […]

  • ATI #27 – 2019 Vancouver Badass Film Festival!

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features interviews I conducted while covering the 2019 Vancouver Badass Film Festival (VBAFF.com). There are talks with writers, directors, producers, actors and more!

  • ATR #154 – 2019 Vancouver Badass Film Festival, Pet Sematary

    On this week's episode I review "Pet Sematary" and also give a full breakdown of the Vancouver Badass Film Festival (VBAFF) which I attended this past weekend!

  • ATR #153 – Dumbo, Shazam, VBAFF preview

    Once again I am joined Skype machine with Tim Hall, The People's Critic! We review two new films, "Dumbo" and "Shazam", and then I give a preview of the upcoming Vancouver Badass Film Festival which I will be attending!

  • ATR #152 – US, Triple Threat, Gloria Bell, ECCC

    On this week's episode I am joined via the Skype machine with Tim Hall, The People's Critic! We start the show talking about Emerald City Comic Con 2019, and then review the films "Triple Threat", "Gloria Bell", and "US". Check it out!

  • ATR #151 – Triple Frontier, Russian Doll, AMA

    On this week's episode I was joined by "Just Jed" and we reviewed and discussed the new film "Triple Frontier", the Netflix show "Russian doll". After that Jed asked me the questions that listeners provided for the "Ask Me Anything" segment!

  • ATI #26 – “Prospect” team – Zeek Earl, Chris Caldwell, Brice Budke

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features an interview I conducted with directors Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, and producer Brice Budke from the locally shot and produced film "Prospect"! 

  • ATR #150 – Captain Marvel & The Umbrella Academy

    On this week's episode two guests make their return to the studio: Tim Hall (The People's Critic) and Dyer Oxley (NW Nerd Podcast). We discuss the new Netflix series "The Umbrella Academy" and the new MCU film "Captain Marvel"!

  • ATR #149 – Hidden World, Fighting with my Family, Greta

    On this week's packed episode I review 3 new films; "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World", "Fighting with my Family", and "Greta"!

  • ATR #148 – Alita: Battle Angel, Sam Cooke, Jam Master Jay

    Another week, another solo episode, but this time it was due to the Snowmeggedon that hit Seattle this weekend! I reviewed "Alita: Battle Angel", "The Two Killings of Sam Cooke", and "Who Killed Jam Master Jay"!

  • ATR #147 – Miss Bala, The LEGO movie 2

    On this week's episode I review two new films: "Miss Bala" starring Gina Rodriguez, and "The LEGO movie 2: The Second Part". One of them is a remake of a an award winning Mexican drama, and the other is a sequel that is almost as awesome as the first.

  • ATI #25 – 2019 Vancouver Short Film Festival

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features interviews I conducted while covering the 2019 Vancouver Short Film Festival (VSFF.com). There are talks with writers, directors, producers, actors and more! 

  • ATR #146 – 2019 Vancouver Short Film Festival Recap

    I was fortunate to be asked to cover the 9th annual Vancouver Short Film Festival for the 3rd year in a row, and it was incredible as always! On this episode I break down my favorites from each program before crowing my best of the festival!

  • ATR #145 – GLASS & 2 Fyre docs

    On this week's episode Tim Hall (The People's Critic) and I discuss if "GLASS" is a trilogy that will go down in history, as well as two documentaries about the same festival that have very different view points: "Fyre Fraud" and "Fyre".

  • ATR #144 – Project Blue Book and Isabella Price!

    I was joined this week by the "Oprah of the Underworld" herself, the one and only Isabella Price! We discuss the new History channel show "Project Blue Book" & then find out about Isabella's favorite horror films in preparation for you her new series!

  • ATR #143 – Bird Box, The Upside

    Solo show this week! The January new release slump has hit, and I was only able to see one new movie this past week, which was "The Upside". I did however make time to finally watch "Bird Box' on Netflix. Thanks for the support and enjoy the show!

  • ATR #142 – End of the year spectacular!

    Year end spectacular with Mike Ward and Tim Hall! We discuss the good, bad, and ugly films of 2018!

  • ATR #141 – Aquaman, Bumblebee, Mortal Engines

    Two special guests and 3 new movie reviews! Fresh out of a screening of “Aquaman”, Tim Hall (@PeoplesCritic) and Jessica O’Brien (JdObrien_) join the studio as we review “Mortal Engines”, […]

  • ATR #140 – Spider-Verse, ROMA, Mary Poppins Returns

    Tim Hall (@PeoplesCritic) joins the show via Skype for this late night episode which has reviews for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, “ROMA”, and “Mary Poppins Returns”. Ranging from the hyper […]

  • ATR #139 – In The Heights & Anna and the Apocalypse

    Solo show! My 3 special guest this week are me, myself, and I. We have a great conversation talking about the new production of "In the Heights" at the Seattle Repertory Theater, and then I review the new zombie Christmas musical "Anna and the Apocalypse"!

  • ATR #138 – #NoShameNovember 2018 w/ Adal Rifai!

    It is time once again for the annual #NoShameNovember episode! This year I have a very special guest joining the show: Adal Rifai (@AdalRifai) from “Hello From The Magic Tavern”! […]

  • ATR #137 – Creed 2, Fantastic Beasts, Green Book

    Matt Oakes from Silver Screen Riot is back in the studio to review three new films on this weeks episode, "Green Book", Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald", and "Creed 2"! Make sure to check out Matt's site to see all of the reviews and interviews he has done!

  • ATR #136 – Widows, Overlord, The Grinch, Spider’s Web

    Tim Hall (@PeoplesCritic) is back in the studio as we review four new movies which are in theaters now! Reviews include "The Girl in the Spider's Web", "The Grinch", "Widows" and "Overlord".

  • ATR #135 – 2018 Vancouver Asian Film Festival

    I took a trip up north to Vancouver, British Columbia, to cover the 2018 Vancouver Asian Film Festival for the first time! On this episode I talk about my favorite films, plus I had the opportunity to interview several people involved in the festival!

  • ATR #134 – 48 Hour Horror Film Project, Nutcracker, A Private War

    This week's jam packed episode has solo reviews for "The Nutcracker & the Four Realms", and "A Private War", as well as my favorite picks from the 2018 "48 Hour Horror Film Project"! This episode also features interviews with several people from the horror film festival!

  • ATI #24 – Cast members from “Mid90s”

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features my conversation with some of the actors from the new film "Mid90's", which was written and directed by Jonah Hill. The guests include Sunny Suljic, Ryder McLaughlin, Gio Galicia, and Olan Prenatt!

  • ATR #133 – Blood witches and rock music w/ Matt Oakes

    Friend and fellow critic Matt Oakes from "Silver Screen Riot" (@SilverScreenRiot) drops by the studio to help review a huge slate of films this week! The reviews include "Mid90s", "Suspiria", "What They Had", "Can You Ever Forgive Me", and "Bohemian Rhapsody"!

  • ATR #132 – GeekGirlCon 2018 w/ Kristine Hassell!

    A special early edition of the podcast that is all about GeekGirlCon 2018 which happened this past weekend! After the con, I sat down with Kristine Hassell (@GermancityGirl), the director of community outreach and we talked all about this amazing convention!

  • ATR #131 – Halloween, Daredevil, Titans

    This week I am joined once again by Tim Hall (@peoplescrtic) as we discuss and review season 3 of "Daredevil" on Netflix, the highly anticipated "Halloween" sequel, and also a quick chat about "Titans" on DC's new streaming service!

  • ATR #130 – First Man, The Hate You Give, Matangi/ Maya/ M.I.A

    Two guests and three new movie reviews! Tim Hall (@peoplescrtic) and PizzaCatMV (@PizzaCatMV) join me in the studio as we review "First Man", "The Hate You Give", and "Matangi/ Maya/ M.I.A.!

  • ATR #129 – Venom, New York Comic Con w/ interviews

    Captain Collaboration! I had the opportunity to hang out with some of my best friends Jess and Damien, creators of "The Curly Nerd" podcast while we were all in New York for Comic Con! We give a breakdown of the con, then review "Venom", plus there are interviews with the cast of "LORE" and "Origin"!

  • ATR #128 – Night School, A Star is Born, Hell Fest, Iron Fist, WWE RAW

    The grand return of Tim Hall "The People's Critic" to the studio as we talk about "Night School", "A Star is Born", "Iron Fist" season 2, and "Hell Fest"! After all that, we give a recap of Monday night RAW which we saw live in Seattle!

  • ATR #127 – Life Itself, Small Fish, Dragon Prince, House with a clock in its walls

    A solo adventure this week as I talk to myself in the studio and review 2 feature length movies, “The House With A Clock In Its Walls”, and “Life Itself”, […]

  • ATR #126 – Renton City Comic Con, interviews, White Boy Rick, Volta

    Another action packed comic con weekend, this time in Tukwilla, Washington at the 3rd annual "Renton City Comic Con" (RCCC)! A full recap of the event plus interviews, and finally reviews for "White Boy Rick" and "Volta" by Cirque Do Soliel!

  • ATR #125 – Rose City Comic Con, Peppermint, The Nun, Predator

    Fresh out of a screening of "The Predator", Jed (AKA: "Just Jed") joins me in the studio as I talk about my recent trip to Rose City Comic Con. We then get into reviews for "Peppermint", "The Nun", "The Predator", and finally "Jameson", which was produced by Renton City Comic Con.

  • ATR #124 – Operation Finale, The Little Stranger, KIN

    Another solo this week due to me spending the past few days in the mountains of Montana, but I am now back to civilization! On this week's episode I review 3 new films which are currently in theaters: "Operation Finale", "The Little Stranger", and "KIN". Please make sure to take 30 seconds and vote in the podcast awards listed below!

  • ATR #123 – The Happytime Murders, Searching

    2 new  movie reviews by yours truly, "That Guy Named John", or should I say "That Guy Named Han" because this episode is a solo show! Get it ...? Anyway, the two movies reviewed on this episode are: "The Happytime Murders" and "Searching". Check it out!

  • ATR #122 – Papillon, Alpha, and Mile 22 reviews

    3 new movies and 1 new guest are packed into this week's episode! Back again for the second week in a row is Tim Hall (The People's Critic), and joining the studio for the first time is long time supporter Michelle (AKA: Pizza Cat)! Check out our reviews for "Papillon", "Alpha", and "Mile 22".

  • ATR #121 – The Meg, plus Good, Bad, and Ugly shark movies

    Shark, sharks, and more sharks! Returning to the studio is fan favorite guest Tim Hall (The People's Critic)! We review "The Meg", and then give our choices for "Good", "Bad", and "Ugly" shark related films. Make sure to hit us up on social media and let us know what your favorite shark movie is!

  • ATR #120 – 48 Hour Film Project 2018, Christopher Robin, The Darkest Minds, BlacKKKlansman

    It is time once again for one of my favorite local film festivals, the "Seattle 48 Hour Film Project"! Dr. Andy returned to the studio to talk about our festivals favorites, plus I review 3 new films: "Christopher Robin", "The Darkest Minds", and "BlaKKKlansman"!

  • ATR #119 – Podcast Awards! Plus geek news!

    This week's episode is a solo show where I try not to crazy while in the studio by myself! The reason this episode is dropping early is because this podcast is nominated for an international podcast award and the voting closes on Tuesday, July 31st!

  • ATI #23 – Carlos Lopez Estrada, director of “Blindspotting”

    This episode of “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” features my conversation with director Carlos Lopez Estrada from the new film "Blindspotting" starring Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal! This interview took place during the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).

  • ATR #118 – Equalizer 2, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Blindspotting, SDCC news

    This week's episode is filled to the gills (pun absolutely intended) with Jed and I reviewing 3 new movies, "Equalizer 2", "Mission Impossible: Fallout" and "Blindspotting"! After that we cover a bunch of new trailers that dropped during the recent San Diego Comic Con!

  • ATI #22 – Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher

    This episode of “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” features my conversation with writer/ director Bo Burnham and actress Elsie Fisher from the new film "Eighth Grade" which is in theaters now! This interview took place during the Seattle International Film Festival.

  • ATI #21 – Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell

    This episode of “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” features my conversation with two members of the creative of the new comic book series "Infidel" from Image Comics; writer Pornsak Pichetshote and artist Aaron Campbell! 

  • ATR #117 – Eighth Grade, Don’t Worry movie, Skyscraper, Unfriended, Jurassic Dead

    This week's packed podcast has reviews for "Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot", "Eighth Grade", "Skyscraper", Unfriended: Dark Web", and "Jurassic Dead". Joining me on this adventure is the one and only Jed!

  • ATI #20 – Gus Van Sant and Beth Ditto w/ Feelin’ Film

    This episode of “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” is a collaboration with Aaron of the "Feelin' Film" podcast! It features a conversation with director Gus Van Sant and actress Beth Ditto, from the new film "Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot".

  • ATR #116 – Sorry To Bother You, The First Purge w/ E-Man’s Movie Reviews

    Joining me on this episode is my friend Emmanuel from "E-Man's Movie Reviews" who is fellow geek & Chicago based film critic! We do a "Getting to know you" section about Emmanuel before reviewing two new movies: "Sorry To Bother You" and "The First Purge". 

  • ATR #115 – 5 new movies, and 1 retro review!

    This jam packed episode with guest Tim "The People's Critic" includes 5 reviews for new movies: "Leave No Trace", "Whitney", "Ant Man & The Wasp", "Uncle Drew", and "Sicario: Day of the Soldado", plus a retro review of "500 days of Summer"! 

  • ATI #19 – Cheo Hodari Coker

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features my conversation with Cheo Hodari Coker, the creator, writer, and executive producer of "Marvel's Luke Cage" on Netflix.

  • ATR #114 – ACE Comic Con and best of SIFF 2018

    This week's episode features an interview with Gareb Shamus, the CEO of ACE Comic Con, as well as a breakdown of ACE which happened this past week in Seattle. After that we give our top 3 films from the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). Joining me on this adventure is Tim Hall!

  • ATR #113 – TAG, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom

    After sweating away 5 pounds in a blazing theater, John & returning guest Jed come back to the studio to review the action/ comedy "TAG", & the massive "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom". Plus a recap of the VAFF "Diversity in Filmmaking" panels.

  • ATI #18 – Morgan Neville

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast was recorded during the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and features Oscar Winner Morgan Neville discussing his new film "Won't You Be My Neighbor".

  • ATR #112 – Ocean’s 8, Incredibles 2, Won’t You Be My Neighbor

    The tag team duo of Tim Hall (People's Critic) and Jed (The Guy Named What?) drop by the About To Review studio to discuss three new films: "Ocean's 8", "Incredibles 2", and the documentary about Mr. Rogers, "Won't You Be My Neighbor".

  • ATR #111 – Upgrade, Hereditary, Hotel Artemis

    This episode highlights three films by directors who are just starting their feature film making careers . Films include the sci-fi action thriller "Upgrade", the uniquely terrifying "Hereditary", and finally the star studded romp "Hotel Artemis".

  • ATR #110 – Heist, Heist, Baby

    Yep, you read the title correctly, this week's episode is all about heist movies! Returning after a 1 year hiatus is friend of the podcast Jed, and together he and John give their picks for "Good", "Bad", and "Ugly" heist movies. Plus a review for the new film "Disobedience". 

  • ATI #17 – Sebastian Lelio

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast was recorded during the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and features Oscar Winner Sebastian Lelio discussing his new film "Disobedience".

  • ATR #109 – SOLO, Pope Francis, Boom for Real, Revenge

    A short time ago, in a podcast studio not very far away ... two of Seattle's film critics, "That Guy Named John" and Tim Hall, "The People's Critic" got together and reviewed several current movies!  "SOLO: A Star Wars Story", "Pope Francis: A man of his word", "Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat", and "Revenge".

  • ATR #108 – Deadpool 2, Life of the Party, Breaking In, Close-Knit

    Deadpool 2 is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, and Tim Hall, "The People's Critic" is in studio with John to talk all about it! Plus there are reviews for 3 other films: "Life of the Party", "Breaking In", and "Close-Knit".

  • ATR #107 – 50 Hour Slam, Translations, and SIFF

    Festival extravaganza! On this independant film filled episode, Dr. Andy returns to the studios after a brief hiatus and he and John talk about 3 different film festivals: "Translations", "50 Hour Slam", and "SIFF", as well as a review for the documentary "Man Made".

  • ATR #106 – Avengers: Infinity War w/ NW NERD!

    Podcasters Assemble! On this super sized edition of the podcast, I was joined in studio by Nick and Dyer from the "NW Nerd podcast", plus Tim Hall, "The People's Critic" as we discussed the new movie "Avengers: Infinity War"!

  • ATI #16 – 2018 Vancouver Web Fest!

    This episode of the “About To Interview”/ “About To Review” podcast was recorded on location at the 2018 Vancouver Web Fest (vancouverwebfest.com) where I interviewed Ben Strang, Brynn Peebles, Brianna Wiens, Christina De Leon, Suzette Laqua, and Paula Hoffman!

  • ATR #105 – 2018 Vancouver Web Fest!

    On this week's episode I was given the opportunity to once again travel to beautiful British Columbia to cover the 2018 Vancouver Web Fest! I talk about the festival, and break down my favorite shows in 3 categories before awarding my best of the festival!

  • ATR #104 – Science Fact or Science Fiction

    This week's episode is "Science Fiction or Science Fact"! Kendan is a cellular, molecular biologist, and one of the hosts of another local podcast called "Made in the 80's". He, along with returning guest Tim Hall, and I break down some sci-fi movies that have a genetic twist!

  • ATI #15 – Mike and Laura Allred & Phil LaMarr!

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast was thought to be lost forever due to a corrupted memory card, but it has been resurrected! I had the opportunity to interview Mike and Laura Allred, and returning guest Phil LaMarr at “Emerald City Comic Con” here in Seattle on March 1st - 4th, 2018.

  • ATR #103 – A Quiet Place, Ready Player One, Beirut, Rampage

    This week's episode with guest Tim Hall is jam packed with four different reviews for movies that are all currently in theaters! The indie horror film "A Quite Place", hostage thriller "Beirut", nostalgia extravaganza "Ready Player One", and video game adaptation "Rampage".

  • ATR #102 – The lost episode with Tim, Jess, and Damien!

    Episode 102 was resurrected from the ashes of a corrupted memory card & brought to you this week! This episode was recorded the weekend of Emerald City Comic Con 2018 with Tim, "The People's Critic" and Jess, and Damien from "The Curly Nerd Podcast".

  • ATR #101 – Isle of Dogs, Pacific Rim: Uprising

    I was out of town for a few days so episode #101 is a solo show, but I did not want to leave you, the amazing listeners without some fresh content for the week! I go over the geek news, then review two movies which are in theaters now: "Isle of Dogs" and "Pacific Rim: Uprising". 

  • ATR #100!! – Tomb Raider, LOVE,SIMON, Itzhak, 7 Days in Entebbe

    Episode 100 is here! I could not think of anyone else to join me on this episode than the one and only Tim Hall, "The People's Critic". We talk about geek news, then review 4 new movies; "Itzhak", LOVE, SIMON", "7 Days in Entebbe", and "Tomb Raider"!

  • ATI #14 – “LOVE, SIMON” cast: Nick Robinson, Alexandra Shipp, and Greg Berlanti

    This episode of the "About To Review"/ "About To Interview" podcast has the director, Greg Berlanti, and two of the stars, Nick Robinson, and Alexandra Shipp of the new coming of age teenage romance movie "LOVE,SIMON" (IMDB.com/LOVESIMON).

  • ATR #99 – Maktub, Gringo, and Thoroughbreds, with Chris Lamberth!

    Returning guest Chris Lamberth of "The Mundane Festival" joins the show as three new movies are reviewed: "Maktub" which was part of the Seattle Jewish Film Festival, "Gringo" and "Thoroughbreds"! The countdown to episode 100 is almost here!

  • ATI #13 – Emerald City Comic Con 2018!

    This episode of the "About To Review"/ "About To Interview" podcast contains 4 interviews I did with some of the amazing and talented artists, illustrators, and creators, who were at "Emerald City Comic Con" here in Seattle last weekend.

  • ATR #98 – Emerald City Comic Con 2018, Oscars, A Wrinkle In Time

    On this week's (much shorter than normal) episode, Tim Hall, AKA: "The People's Critic" is in studio to talk about Emerald City Comic Con 2018, the 2018 Oscars, and then we review the new movie "A Wrinkle In Time"!

  • ATR #97 – Future of Black Hollywood, plus “Annihilation” and “Red Sparrow”

    Black History Month, week 4! On the last week of Black History Month 2018, my guest Tim Hall (People's Critic) and I talk about the future of Black Hollywood! Plus we review "Annihilation" and "Red Sparrow".

  • [FREE Book Giveaway!!]

    Hey everyone! I am excited to announce that “About To Review” has once again teamed up with the amazing people at DK Books (DK.com/us) for another book giveaway! Click here […]

  • ATR #96 – Black Female Firsts in Film w/ Seven Okema Gunn!

    Black History Month, week 3! On this week's episode my guest was Seven Okema Gunn, who is a Chicago based blogger, film critic, and owner of "7 Gunn Media"! This episode is a celebration of some of the black female firsts in cinema from 1939 up to 2016.

  • ATR #95 – Director Spotlight: Ryan Coogler, plus Black Panther review

    Continuing to highlight African-American creators during Black History Month, on this week's episode my guest Tim Hall and I focus on Ryan Coogler and his 3 feature length films. Plus we review "Cloverfield: Paradox" and talk about the "Cloververse".

  • ATI #12 – David Crownson

    David Crownson is an actor, filmmaker, and creator/ writer of the new graphic novel "Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer"! A blend of supernatural action based on freedom fighter Harriet Tubman with genre liberties that mirror "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter".

  • ATR #94 – Director Spotlight: Spike Lee

    During Black History Month I want to showcase and highlight my friends, colleagues, and people I look up to who are doing great things. Actor/ comedian/ podcaster Chris Lamberth, from "The Mundane Festival" joined this episode to talk about the one and only Spike Lee!

  • ATR #93 – 2018 Vancouver Short Film Festival

    I had the pleasure of being invited back for a second year in a row to cover the 8th Annual Vancouver Short Film Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia and it was incredible! Tune in to hear interviews with creators, and directors, as well as my picks for the best films of the festival!

  • ATR #92 – Thieves, Mazes, Lightning, and The Alienist

    Two new movies and two new TV shows are the hot topics this week! Tim Hall, AKA: "The People's Critic" stopped by the studio to talk about "Den of Thieves", "Maze Runner: The Death Cure", "Black Lightning", and "The Alienist". Let us know if you have seen them!

  • ATI #10 – Adam Schleichkorn

    You might not know Adam Schleichkorn's name right away, but you will immediately recognize his work if you have spent any time at all on the internet for the past decade! Better known as "Mylo The Cat", his mashup videos have gained 10's of millions of views from across the globe!

  • ATR #91 – Good, Bad, and Ugly train movies (plus The Commuter)

    Choo Choo! All aboard for this week's episode which is all about the Good, Bad, and Ugly train related movies! I was joined by friend and fellow critic Brian Taibl, AKA: "Brian The Movie Guy" where we talk trains, and then review "The Commuter".

  • ATR #90 – Hostiles, Black Mirror, January releases

    Does the breathtaking cinematography and gorgeous costume design of "Hostiles" make up for it's bland and unoriginal plot? How terrified of the dystopian future in "Black Mirror" should we be? Find out the answer to those questions and more on this new episode with Tim Hall!

  • ATR #89 – The Good, Bad, and Ugly films of 2017!

    Here it is folks, the episode you have been waiting all year for! This year I was joined by Ian Dinsmore of drunksunshine.com to go through our top three films in 2017 that fit the categories of "Goodest of the good", "Baddest of the bad", and "Ugliest of the ugly".